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FORT WORTH, TEXAS—Wogan Woodard III, better known simply as B. Right, is on mission to change today’s rap game as we know it. You won’t find him trying to sound like every other rapper currently in the industry. There’s already too many imitators.

B. Right takes pride in being the ultimate innovator. “This is my
time. I’ve worked very hard on my latest project. I’ve overcome obstacles to get to the point where I am now and even when they tried to bring me down I still rose above. Now here I am,” stated B. Right.

B. Right takes listeners on a journey to how he rose above adversity, hardships and obstacles. At 24, he’s proving nothing will get in the way of his dreams as a being labeled a true, authentic artist.

“I’ve been rapping professionally for five years. I started at 18. I’m 24 now. With the album, I take it back way to the beginning. I’m reflecting on how far I’ve come and where I’m going,” stated B. Right.

B. Right First Full Length LP Titled “Name for Myself”

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   B. Right surprises fans with his new 2018 project In All Actuality. This project follows behind his Lastest (2016) album Name for Myself. B. Right takes us behind the cut scenes of the making of Name for Myself and tells more in detail what twist and turns have occurred in the life of the young hip-hop artist.

B. Right starts out the project with a straight foward message to his true fans stating. He's breaking it down to the core sharing all the moments that are painful to think about but paints a perfect masterpiece we all can relate to. B. Right then moves on to his track titled "My Dreams" B. Right kicks the track off with a very soulful vibe we're he displays clever word plays and melow melodies.